Northern Lace

by Elizabeth Lovick

Hand knitting on needles, I put together contemporary shapes with wool from
an ancient herd of sheep and stitch patterns hundreds of years old.
The results are garments which are as hardwearing as they are tactile
and as useful as they are beautiful.

North Ronaldsay Wool - Natural and Hand Dyed

The yarn comes from the herd of North Ronaldsay sheep which live on the beaches of the Orkney island
which gave them their name. They live on the sea weed blown on to the rocky shores and sandy beaches,
as they have done since the Iron Age.

To compliment the natural colours of the North Ronaldsay wool, I hand dye in a rainbow of gorgeous colours.
No two batches are exactly the same, so for a unique garment go for Hand Dyed.

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North Isles Stitches

The stitches are those used by the women of
the Northern Isles for hundreds of years.
Lacy stitches, with names like "Crest of the Wave",
"Razor Shell" and "Cat's Paw",
are put together with areas of garter stitch or stocking stitch to give a fabric which is light and warm.

Designed for You

My patterns are designed to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but if you have particular needs or ideas I can design something especially for you.

For You to Knit

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As well as finished articles, I sell natural and hand-dyed North Ronaldsay wool, with or without a pattern,
so that you can have the pleasure of creating your own garment.

My book, Patterns for North Ronaldsay Yarn, gives patterns for more than 20 items in both the fine (4 ply) and
Aran weight yarns. All the items on this page are included, along with many more.
These patterns can also be used with commercial yarns as long as you check your tension.
The book costs £12.00 plus £2.00 postage

A NORTH RONALDSAY YARN - The Sheep, Their Yarn and Their Island
a 28 page, A5 booklet with lots of photos £4.00
or as a pdf download as a 20 page, A4 book for £3.50 or $5.00 (by email and Paypal)

Natural yarn costs £7.50 per 100g, hand dyed yarn costs £14.50 per 300 m hank.
As a rough guide, a scarf in fine yarn takes about 80 g and a jersey 3-400 g;
a hat or pair of mitts in Aran weight yarn takes 100 g and a large jersey 1200 g.

And for spinners, North Ronaldsay roving from the island in 5 natural colours - £4.00 per 100 g

Taken from the on-line workshops I have given, Starting Shetland Lace is a workbook which will take
you from your first 'yarn over' to designing your own Shetland lace shawls.
All through you are encouraged to 'read' your knitting and to adapt patterns for your own use.
Extra Patterns for Shetland Lace is just what it says -
more patterns from easy scarves to more challenging garments and shawls.
Both books are available as email attachments with payment by Paypal.
Each book is £8.50 or 12$ but £14.00 or 20$ for both books bought at the same time

Click here for my full Northern Lace price list
Note that I have just increased my prices for the first time since the beginning of 2005!
or email me for further details

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....and now on Twitter @LizLovick

I have a growing number of patterns for use with Colourmart's cashmere yarns.
These include scarves, shawls, sweaters, jackets and baby items.
These patterns are available from ColourMart or from me, as email attachements.

I now have some of my gansey patterns using Frangipani yarn in a catalogue.
Click here to download the pdf catalogue Each pattern is £3.50 or 5 $ as an email attachment.

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Postage for yarn and international orders is at cost.
Cheques and international money orders made payable to Elizabeth Lovick, please. Thank you.
Payment can also be made by Paypal, and by credit and debit cards through Paypal - email for details!

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updated SEPTEMBER 2011

For further information

- email me
- ring me on 01856 701962 (between 6pm and 9pm is the best time to get me in!)
- write to Elizabeth Lovick, 17 Burnside, Flotta, Orkney KW16 3NP

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